Special Tours



Buenos Aires City Tour


9 AM In the morning we visit the oldest areas of the city, we begin walking the colourful “La Boca” through Caminito Street, with a lot of artists offering their works, looking the most famous soccer field, “Boca Juniors”. We continue with the oldest neighborhood, San Telmo and the government area, with the Plaza de Mayo and the Pink House. We also visit the newest area in Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero with their fanciests restaurants and hotels, and also the “Ecological Reserve”, a lovely and wild area with hundreds of different birds at only 5 minutes from the center of the city.

1 PM One hour to lunch in a good argentine restaurant.

2 PM We go to the northern part of the city, Recoleta with his Historic Cementery, the Pilar Church and one of the most wealthy neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Palermo, Palermo Soho, Palermo Woods with its beautiful park “El Rosedal” the rose garden with more than 8.000 rosetrees.



Buenos Aires Cultural


Interesting tour visiting the main museums of the City of Buenos Aires and some important buildings of the City, such as the Water Palace, Paz Palace, San Martin Palace, etc, sshowing a time of wealth and progress that Argentina developped between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

You will watch some of the magnificent domes Buenos Aires has, as the National Congress, the biggest of South America.



A day in Tigre


Tigre is placed in the north area of the great Buenos Aires at about 30 km. It is a big delta where the Parana River flows into the Rio de la Plata River, in a beautiful and large estuary with a lot of channels and islands in a gorgeous landscape.

We also visit “Puerto de Frutos”, a big Craft Market, where we do a trip around the different islands through some canals.

There are also excellent restaurants nearlzy the river where you can enjoy a very good lunch.



One day in an Estancia


9 AM Day outing in a beautiful estancia at 100 km from Buenos Aires. We leave at aprox 9.30 am, arriving to the estancia at 11 hs where they wait us with some “mates” (a typical drink from Argentina), tea, coffee, etc.

11.15 AM Horseback riding for about one hour thirty minutes with a real gaucho as a guide.

12.30 PM We arrive to the main house, have an appetizer with cheese, salami, empanadas, cold beer or red wine, meanwhile a very good asado (barbecue) is waiting for us with different types of meat, sausages, salads, red wine... With the dessert we can enjoy some folklorical music and some skills with horses.

We say good bye to our horse and are ready for a well deserved tea, and ready to go back to the city, doing a little visit to one of the oldest towns of the Province of Buenos Aires, San Antonio de Areco.